Our Mission: A world where everything is FINDABLE

By combining Bluetooth, Cellular, GPS, and Wifi, we have created a suite of technologies that enable our users and partners to make everyday items findable.

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Company Success


  • 2015: $1.5 million
  • 2016: $3.6 million
  • 2017: $12+ million*


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  • Exclusive access to XY Investor store
  • Discounts on latest products
  • Investor Kit with Certificate
  • Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Potential returns on investment
Stock Features

Innovation: XY GPS

First-to-Market Bluetooth + GPS + GSM Hybrid Technology. Breaks the Bluetooth barrier so now you get the battery savings of bluetooth and the range GPS and Cellular!

Features Icons

Product Line: XY3 and XY-GPS (plus the soon to launch XY4)

XY makes world class consumer and commercial IoT (Internet of Things) devices that have a primary purpose of helping people find things in the physical world.

All of our products are designed, engineered, and distributed at our head quarters in San Diego, California.


The Investment Opportunity

XY Findables is a startup in California that makes cutting edge consumer and commercial devices that can track nearly anything, anywhere in the world.

Over the last several years, XY has rapidly grown our world class team and technology along side our user-base and revenue.

Now you can be an early, pre-IPO investor in XY Findables, and join us on our entrepreneurial path.

Return on Investment

XY is a growth company. This means that our goal is to grow out company, market share, value of our technology, and revenue, so that the value of our shares increase over time.

To realize this increase in value, or gain, there needs to be a liquidity event, such as a full IPO or acquisition.

Now you can be an early, pre-IPO investor in XY Findables, and join us on our entrepreneurial path.

Example Calculator*

IMPORTANT: *This is not a prediction for XY, but rather an general example of the technology start-up ROI math. XY is not guaranteed to achieve a liquidity event, and if it does, there is now way of knowing the possible price.

One of 17 Startup Companies You Can Invest In Today -Street Authority

by Brad Briggs

Why invest in a Reg A+ company like XY?

Normally, startup investments go to accredited investors, like Mark Cuban or Bill Gates. It wasn’t fair, because the everyday person wasn’t able to get in!

However, startups who are qualified by the SEC as a Regulation A+ offering can sell stock to virtually any investor. This means anyone can get the returns that are possible by investing early, and now’s your chance to get in.

But hurry, this opportunity will not be around forever!

Market size and Opportunity

The best time to invest ina start-up is when it is growing and in a market that is growing. XY is just that.

The Findables Market is poised to explode over the next few years, already showing substantial growth of the previous three. Within 10 years, the Findables Market has been predicted to expand to BILLIONs of devices and tens or even hundreds of BILLIONs of dollars.

At XY, we believe the Findables Market, and our contributions to it will be as paradigm shifting and world changing as Self-Driving Cars and Augmented Reality!

Just as Google made the problem of finding information obsolete and cell-phones made the problem of reaching people obsolete, we believe we can make losing things and wasting time finding mis-placed items obsolete for people and companies, saving society millions of hours and billions of dollars a year.

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